Delaney Couri


PADI Dive Master In Training


Why did you become a diver?

I became a diver because I wanted to be able to see all the amazing things underwater that I had heard discussed as I grew up. I had a taste of diving when I snorkeled and I loved the freedom it gave me to be focused on just the life around me as I floated in the waves. Diving gives me more of that same freedom.


When did you become a diver?

I was sixteen when I became a diver, so its been a little over seven years since then!


When did you become a professional diver?

Working on that now!


What made you want to teach diving?

I always thought it was cool that my family had its own business and I liked being able to help out. When I was younger that meant being surface support, but now it means I get to help where the work really happens and I like the challenges and joys the work presents.


What is your favorite part of teaching a scuba class?

My favorite part of teaching a scuba class is connecting with the students. I recognize diving can be scary and unknown when you start, thus being able to quell someones fears and talk and learn with them is the greatest gift teaching scuba diving presents me.


Where is your favorite place in the world to go dive?

My favorite place in the world to dive is Catalina Island in California. The water is cold, but the kelp and the fish are bright and I love was watching the light play through the water and light up the bright orange garabaldi.



What is your favorite local dive? Beaver Lake.

What gear do you use?

BCD GenesisSpecial Edition

Regulator Atomic B1-B2

Computer Cochran Commander (old school)

Fins Force Fins

Mask TUSA Freedom Elite


What is your favorite after Dive meal?

My favorite after dive meal used to be beans and cornbread, but the restaurant that served it recently closed. Outside of that, I would say fresh seafood is an appropriate and delicious after dive meal.


Why do you enjoy teaching with Okiescuba?

I enjoy teaching with Okiescuba because it allows me to work with my favorite people, my family, related and not.


What was your biggest rush in diving?

My biggest rush in diving was the first time I swam through a ship in the ocean. It was amazing to see inside and Ill never forget how surreal it was in the moment.


Wheres that one last place in the world you havent been that you would love to go dive?

There are so many places I havent been that I would want to go dive at, but I would say my biggest would be the Great Barrier Reef. Ive always thought it looked beautiful, plus it would mean a visit to Australia which sounds incredibly fun!