Phillip Hance



Why did you become a diver?

I have always loved the ocean and grew up with Jaques Cousteau. I wanted to be an underwater adventurer.

When did you become a diver?

July of 1998

When did you become a professional diver?

June of 2013

What made you want to teach diving?

I enjoy teaching all things high adventure and diving is my favorite.

What is your favorite part of teaching a scuba class?

Seeing people get comfortable breathing underwater, when they finally relax and have fun.

Where is your favorite place in the world to go dive?

Cozumel Mexico for the drift dives and the Yucatan for the Cenotes.

What is your favorite local dive?

Beaver Lake.

What Kind of gear do you use.

BC Sherwood


Mask Tusa

Fins Tusa Imprex

What is your favorite after Dive meal?

Depends on where we are, a burger at the malt shop coming back from Tenkiller. Beaver Lake area I am still exploring all of the local fare.

Wheres that one last place in the world you havent been that you would love to go dive?

Silfra Fissure in Iceland 2018

Why do you enjoy teaching with Okiescuba?

Everyone is friendly and on the same page and we all enjoy it for the same reason, our passion is diving and teaching people to dive safely.