To Lake Tenkiller:
Take the Muskogee Turnpike east toward Muskogee. As you near Muskogee, you will cross the river, about three miles past the river you will see a sign for highway 62 east toward Tahlequah. Take 62 east over the bridge. A couple of miles past the bridge you will take highway 10 south (it actually goes east first but it’s called south.) You will be on 10 for about 19 miles (through Braggs, home of Donna’s Malt shop!!!) You will come to a Y in the road, go left there on highway 10A. You will pass Fin-N-Feather and Strayhorn landing and be on some pretty windy roads so be careful. About 3 miles after you pass The Fin, you will come to the top of a hill with a very nice view of the lake. Just past that, the road comes to a T. The road going to the left is highway 100, take that east (left) and go across the dam. Just across the dam is the entrance to Tenkiller State park. Turn left into there and drive straight ahead. You will see a guard shack where they collect a $5.00 park entry fee. If no one is there, use the “Iron Ranger” box on the left to pay and get your windown hangar. Then follow the road to the point (we will be on the left side in the buoyed area.)  The drive should be about an hour and ten or 20 minutes. Please bring towels, water, snacks, etc.

Underwater landmarks at Tenkiller:

Okiescuba instructor/divemaster Randy Safell completed a project designed to help divers find the underwater goodies in the lake. He began by placing his depth guage on the deepest part of the boat ramp.
From there he navigated to each of the sites and placed his gauge on the bottom of the lake under the artifact at its shallowest point, or next to it if it was small. To find each item, swim straight off the ramp while adding the numbers below to the depth at the bottom of the boat ramp. Then just turn left or right, maintain your depth, and you’ll find the fun!
Artifacts South Of The Boat Ramp
School Bus: 14’
Airplane: 21’
Helicopter: 32’
Cherub With Fish: 20’
Garden Nome: 21’
Dedication Plaque: 12
Artifacts North Of Boat Ramp
1 Boat: 23’
2 Boats: 18’
Please remember not all computers show the same depth and some of these artifacts get moved. But it’s a place to start, happy hunting.
To Beaver Lake:
Leave Tulsa headed east on Hwy 412 (it will become the Cherokee Turnpike for a bit.) Continue through Siloam Springs and on toward Springdale. Just before Springdale you will cross under Interstate 49. Go north on I-49 approx. 16 miles until you see Hwy 62 east. Stay on Hwy 62 east approx. 30 miles through Rogers, Gateway, and several small towns (normally takes us about 35-40 minutes.) Be cautious, this gets to be a VERY curvy road through the mountains.
 After approx. 30 miles as you come down a hill you will see a large brown sign on the right that says Hwy 187 (it also says Beaver Dam.) Turn right on 187 and follow it toward the dam. Just before you cross the dam there is a parking lot on the right, pull in there and we should be just to your left in the large parking area. Parking at the site is $4.00 per vehicle per day. Our cell phone number is 406-9530 but it does not always get reception in the area.
Remember, these times and mileage counts are approximate and change depending on the driver, vehicle, and conditions. Please use them as a guideline to help you get to the site.


To the Broken Arrow Boys and Girls Club:

The club is on 91st street just west of 161st in Broken Arrow. The address is 1400 West Washington Street, Broken Arrow. Park anywhere and walk to the right of the front door down to the second door.



To The Claremore Recreation Center:

The building is at 595 Veteran’s Parkway in Claremore. Take 244 east toward Catoosa and the Hard Rock Casino. You can either branch off on highway 66 north or continue to the Will Rogers Turnpike and take it north. If you take 66, continue to Claremore and turn left on Will Rogers Blvd. Take Will Rogers to Camden street and turn left. Follow that road along the big curve to the left and the rec center will be a big white building on your left.

If you take the turnpike, use the highway 20 exit and turn left at the stoplight. Follow the road into town where you will turn right on Lynn Riggs blvd. In about a block you will turn left on Will Rogers Blvd, follow it a little over a mile and turn left onto Camden street. Follow that road along the curve to the left and the rec center will be the big white building on your left.

Of course the GPS in your phone is also an excellent choice for finding your way!