Gary Cancienne

PADI Open Water Instructor


Why did you become a diver?
The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. Only became upsetting when I found out the Calypso dynamited a passage through the coral of the Great Blue Hole in Belize. Ah, to be a true historic naturalist!

When did you become a diver?
My OW Certification was in March of 1999 with the first 8 divers of my Venture Crew.

When did you become a professional diver?

I finished my Divemaster Certification in March 2000 to take my Crew to the Springs of Florida.

What made you want to teach diving?

Just having a lot of fun teaching teenagers and their parents.

What is your favorite part of teaching a scuba class?
Watching the true sense of accomplishment on the faces of folks when they finish their last OW dive.

Where is your favorite place in the world to go dive?

Little Cayman, but then theres the Turks and Caicos Islands with the coolest swim throughs Ive ever seen.

What is your favorite local dive? Beaver Lake.
The best place to take a scout unit diving.

What gear do you use?

BCD Zeagle Ranger
Regulator Sherwood Maximus
Fins Apollo split fins
MaskPana Geo
Perfect seal, prescription lenses and bifocals!!!

What is your favorite after Dive meal?

Im with Randy on this, but must include fried pickles and onion rings.

Why do you enjoy teaching with Okiescuba?
Ive never worked with a more experienced staff that is especially patient with youth.

What was your biggest rush in diving?

Solo diving for Megalodon shark teeth in Cooper River, SC. Intense.

Wheres that one last place in the world you havent been that you would love to go dive?

Gotta go with Rick here, has to be Truk, or Palau.