• 4.11 Claremore Pool -
  • 4.10 Claremore Pool -
  • Congrats New Divemasters! - We couldn’t be more proud of Michael and Charles for their dedication to our students and the longevity of the training process. You’re both outstanding divemasters, we’re lucky to have you!!! Now the entire staff will begin hazing and picking on you.
  • October 4th 2020 New Divers - Three more happy and certified open water divers and one new AOW!! Congratulations Caroline, Jaxon, Chris, and Allam!!
  • Open Water Weekend 9.27! - Fabulous first day of open water class today at Tenkiller! Well done Jonathan, Daniel, and Allam. You made it an easy day for Gary P. Cancienne ,Rick Couri, Christine Stiegler Couri, Cindye Porter, and Tony Porter!   .