• 6.15.22 – Pool Day - Yet another great day at the pool with a great set of students and staff! Come on out and join us!
  • Pool Season Has Begun - The pool season has already begun! It’s never too soon to book your scuba adventure with us! Need a re-fresher course before your big vacation.. Give us a shout! This so could be you next weekend and in some lovely blue waters a few weeks away!
  • 2021 Pumpkin Carving - Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you to the best dive crew in the business, best students, best fellow divers and a group of outstanding underwater pumpkin carvers! Another year in the books, and we couldn’t do without ALL of you. Come join us at, and have the same kind of […]
  • NEW AOW Diver - Congratulations Tami on finishing up your AOW with instructor Gary and DM’s Tony and Cindye.
  • What Did YOU Do This Weekend? - We hope you like the video, and just remember this could be you too!